Raleigh began life in Nottingham, England in 1887 and became one of the biggest and oldest bike retailers in the world. Its bikes are still sold in 6 continents and over 150 countries. They have been getting people on their bikes for decades.

Raleigh pioneered lots of modern bike manufacturing methods - innovations like carbon road bikes in the 60’s, Chopper bikes in the 70’s and mountain bikes in the 80’s - and their bikes even helped Joop Zoetemelk win the 1980 Tour De France.

In 2010, 30 years after TI-Raleigh-Creda’s Tour De France win, Raleigh re-entered the world of professional cycling with the goal of taking the Raleigh name back to the pinnacle of the sport.



In 1966, outdoor wear as we know it didn’t really exist. Then Berghaus came along. It all began when climbers and mountaineers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison from the North East of England, frustrated by what they saw as a lack of decent outdoor gear, decided to import and sell their own.

Their specialist outdoor store in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, went by the name of the LD Mountain Centre and quickly gained a reputation for selling the very best in high-performance outdoor products from the likes of Atomic Skis, Marker Bindings and Nordica Ski. So successful was the LD Mountain Centre that Lockey and Davison soon began to design, test and make their own gear for sale in the shop. This high-quality, innovative clothing range, inspired by what climbers actually wanted and needed, was called Berghaus. And so began the Berghaus brand.


Iberostar Hotels and Resorts

Iberostar is my favourite hotel brand so I couldn’t have been happier to have a sponsorship with them over the next few years. With over one hundred 4 and 5-star hotels, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts offers a selection of fantastic destinations for wonderful trips and getaways, leisure travel and corporate events at major tourist destinations in Spain, the Mediterranean and Caribbean.



Garmin, they are simply the best. No other brand even comes close. They have equipment for automotive; aviation; marine; outdoor and sports. They cover everything. It is simple, they make the best gear, gear which is reliable, very well designed, works well and is affordable.



Not many people have heard of this brand yet, but they are the best producers of custom cycling clothing. Other brands are good like Champion Systems and Owayo but they don’t come close to Raceskin at all. These use the best material, and it fits to your body the way it should. The clothing is very well designed. The company was started because of the lack of decent custom cycling clothing available. And, the best of it is this, it’s right here in the UK.


Project Himalaya

Project Himalaya is the best trekking company in the Himalaya’s. I mean this, it’s my own words. No other company comes close. All of the other companies are poorly managed and often see the dollar sign above their head. When that happens safety is compromised. Not with Project Himalaya. They are a small very experienced team that keep safety right at the front and have outstanding safety records. They are very dedicated to their job and most importantly friendly. They are the real deal.

Jamie McGuiness is the founding owner of Project-Himalaya. He’s summited Everest 5 times and has been trekking in the Himalaya’s for more than 25 years. He wrote a book called “Trekking in the Everest Region” with trailblazer. There are 28 authors for trailblazer and I knew 4 of them. This was how I was first introduced to Jamie.



Schwalbe is the best tyre company in the world, there is absolutely no question about it. I only take the best companies on-board with a sponsorship, I don’t settle for a sponsorship today if their products are no good. I’d rather buy the best than have a sponsorship with a company where the products are not up to the job. Schwalbe is an amazing company, they are exceptional. I have tested a lot of tyres in the past from Vitoria to Continental and I was sick and tired of getting punctures. Not with Schwalbe. I’ve done over 15,000 miles on their marathon plus tyres and not got one single puncture. I’ve done over 25,000 miles on their Durano’s and again, not one puncture. It isn’t luck, they are simply amazing. It’s not luck when I ride with other cyclists who are getting punctures. It’s the sign a very well designed engineered tyre and a company with the right focus. When I go away and travel light, I trust the tyres so much now I just carry the one inner tube, (and I’ve never needed to use it) They have professional Bicycle tyres for: Road, Cross, All Mountain, X-Country, MTB, Downhill, Dirt, Winter, Tour, Balloon & Wheelchair.


Exposure Lights

Exposure make the best lights on the market. I’ve used a lot of brands. Big names like Cateye are overrated, they look nice and last longer than most but they just don’t deliver that much light. I’ve also used lights similar to exposure but often they come with big battery packs and they are a nightmare to fit on to your bike. They are also heavy. Exposure produce quality lights that are bright; compact; lightweight and have a long battery life making their products perfect for my endurance rides. They also have lights for other categories of cycling.



I love the SRAM brand. I’ve used the best products of Shimano and I’ve used the best products of SRAM. Often though when you buy a new bike you don’t get a choice whether you want Shimano or SRAM on it, but given the choice I would always go for SRAM. Shimano I think have lost their company value, they are becoming greedy rather than focusing on the core of the business and because of that they have lost the will to innovate. SRAM on the other hand continue to produce the best, very well designed products that not just look and feel good, but work incredibly well.



Uvex puts safety first. They produce helmets and sunglasses for both the industry and sport. Their products have been made from years of experience and they offer some of the most aerodynamic, lightest helmets and sunglasses on the market.


High 5

I’ve never really been enthusiastic about using energy gels and bars to fuel my rides. I’ve always stuck to the natural approach but one day I decided to try out a few bars/gels and powder juice mix just on a 110 mile ride. Usually, at around 65-70 miles I always quickly stop to stock up on a few supplies. This day however, I could feel myself bonking so I decided to use an energy bar shortly followed by a gel. I was amazed. I was hoping it would just get me to the shop but it got me further than the shop but all the way back home. I still don’t think it’s a good idea to rely on these energy bars/gels/drinks because your body becomes dependant on them but I can certainly see the benefit of them in races, time trials and on long training rides. High 5 are very different to other brands which is what I love about them. I like their natural approach. There are no fancy ingredients that you don’t understand, they are simple and honest. They were the first in Europe to use real fruit juice in their gels.



SIGG is a leader in aluminium bottles. They produce light-weight aluminium bottles perfect for the outdoors. I use mine generally for mountaineering and cycle-touring because they are almost unbreakable and they work very well in extreme weather conditions.



For those people that can’t afford to spend a lot of money but still want quality equipment on clothing; computers; lights; pedals; saddles and water bottles. RSP can provide you with these. I use RSP saddles; pedals and bar tape.



The Punkt App is a fantastic way to capture life’s adventures, big or small. Whether it’s an epic expedition, a charity challenge, a scientific field study or a school trip, Punkt is a highly engaging way to document and share the experience. Using innovative technology the app posts your photos and videos and text updates onto your own personal Punkt map at the point where they were taken. As Punkt works in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter all of the media on your map can be shared quickly and easily across social media networks, helping you reach wider audiences and boost fundraising. Punkt is available for individual adventurers as well as group expeditions. Find out more.



Pedal Precision is a company which helps riders of all abilities with all aspects of their bike fit and how their body interacts with their bike.

They have created their own special brand of bike fitting system based around Sports Medicine principles. Knowledge of the body and its biomechanics combines with years of experience treating sports injuries and riding/racing bikes of all sorts to provide a truly elite standard service. They don’t rely on standard measurements or formulae to give every rider the same position, instead using slow motion footage and real expertise to give every rider a bespoke position that allows them to get the most from their riding and avoiding long term injury.

Founded by Richard Salisbury, who has just about ridden and raced every type of bike there is, Pedal Precision is proud to call the National Cycling Centre at the Manchester Velodrome home.

As well as providing a better bike fit service, Pedal Precision can also help you determine the perfect frame geometry or size before you buy a bike. They are also uniquely skilled at being able to diagnose the cause of any pain you may experience whilst riding, and can provide you with the long term solution to get you back riding strongly and comfortably. So whether you’ve been involved in a crash or simply can’t get comfortable in your shoes, give them a call.


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