Daniel MooresWho am I?

I’m a cyclist, my discipline though is within endurance cycling. I’m a strong hill climber on both foot and by bike but it’s really the mountains that I’m inspired by. I studied aviation for 4 years and I’m currently learning to fly.

When was your first outdoor adventure?

My first outdoor adventure started in the Peak District, Snowdon and the forests close to home. After a while though you want something new. I suppose this is what adventure is about, discovering and exploring new places, and I wanted to climb other mountains. It was then that I started to travel. I’m often bored when I return home, so I find cycling gives me that freedom and quick access to the wilderness.

What expeditions have you done?

My first real expedition on a bike began when I cycled to Barcelona and back alone from my hometown in Manchester. After the success of that I started travelling the globe on my bike. Since that I’ve cycled from London to Australia solo, (except the passing through Iran, where I was refused entry at the border with the political issues at the time, starting my journey again in India). I have cycled North to South Russia from Arkhangelsk to Dzhubga. I have cycled in Israel, Africa, China, Tibet, Nepal and many more countries in the world often taking time to train away mainly in the European countries. Although not a runner, I like to mix training and have taken part in marathons, one of those was in Siberia over a frozen lake. I have taken part in some of the hardest endurance events in the world like 1001 miglia and continue to hold the record for being the youngest in the majority of them.

Recently in the summer of 2013 I went back to Russia and cycled 8,530km East - West Russia from Vladivostok (next to the Sea of Japan) to Cheboksary East of Moscow.

What are you currently doing?

I now spend my time training and raising money for charity. The first expedition will begin at the start of 2015, which you’ll be able to keep track of and keep up to date on my social media.

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